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Welcome to the Shamanic Twist Wellness Center

Welcome to the Shamanic Twist Wellness Center. Our vision and intentional creation is not only to offer treatments in the Healing Arts, but to develop a collaborative space that brings in wisdom for us to share with our communities, both local and afar. 

As owner and founder of the Center, it has been a lifelong dream to create a space that becomes the sacred container to hold transformation, healing and overall wellbeing. So often we look outside of ourselves for answers, but I believe that healing wisdom resides within. Everything we seek already exists – it is about allowing space for this wisdom to emerge, be seen, heard, felt and experienced. While facilitators, practitioners and the like can’t do the healing for us, they aid in our personal healing journeys, and help us reconnect to self and our own innate wisdom.

Here at the Shamanic Twist Wellness Center, our calling and goal is to assist each person to rest comfortably in their own wisdom. Our collective of practitioners all share this same approach to healing and wellness. We are dedicated and passionate about our message and how we facilitate our craft

Our Services and Offerings

  Shamanic Energy Medicine Sessions      Massage Therapy      Reiki      Sound Healing Sessions      Intuitive Energetic Healing (Blend of Shamanic, Reiki & Sound)       Shamanic Energy Massage        Sound Bath Healing Sessions      Intuitive Readings      Herbal Medicine  Health Consultations      Facials with an Energetic Twist      Medicinal Breathwork Sessions


  Yoga      Shamanic Meditation and Journeying      Sound Baths

Class Schedule
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Unlimited Monthly Subscriptions available.

Description of Services:

Shamanic Energy Medicine Sessions

Rooted in Andean tradition, this style of energy work supports the 4 body system – physical, mental/emotional, soul, and energetic. Sacred space is held while guiding each client through their own healing journey. In a session there can be the releasing of stories, patterns, and belief systems, as well as, removing crystallized energy, cord cutting, intrusive energy extractions, soul retrievals and destiny retrievals. At the end of the session there will be integration to support the new engagement that has taken place. 

Shamanic Energy Massage

This is a blend of both massage and energy work that will look unique to each session. There will be one or two specific areas targeted to receive bodywork while supporting the mental/emotional, soul, and energetic body systems. Within this time together there can be releasing of stories, patterns, belief systems, removal of crystallized energy, cord cutting, entity extractions, soul retrievals and destiny retrievals. At the end of the session there will be integration to support the new engagement.

Shamanic Breathwork Meditation and Journeying

This is an active meditation process using our breath to cultivate a channel of energy connecting both the Earth and the Heavens/Cosmos through us as the conduit.  You will learn how to work with your energetic anatomy to increase your life force energy and release stagnation and density.  During the meditative stillness portion of the practice, you will be guided on a journey to connect with different qualities or aspects of yourself, bringing increased awareness to the more subtle aspects of your being.  We want to engage our lives from a place of consciousness and deep internal stillness.

Group Sound Bath Classes

A Sound Bath is an immersive experience of relaxation and healing. Come in comfy clothes and relax on a yoga mat as you're eased in with a light meditation. Eight crystal bowls tuned specifically to the 432 hertz healing frequency will create tones that feel like a concert for your soul. Tibetan bowls, chimes, tuning forks and drums may also be used to create an experience that will leave you feeling both rejuvenated and relaxed.


Corporate Sound Bath
Many companies offer weekly or monthly sound baths for their employees as a part of mental health and mindfulness initiatives. The experience will be tailored to meet your company's specific dynamics.

Private Sound Bath Events 
This is a perfect immersive and connective experience for private parties, healing circles, parent-child bonding, or for an activity with friends and family. Option to incorporate light meditation, teaching about a specific topic, or breathwork within allotted time.

Facials with an Energetic Twist

An Enzymatic Facial with Energetic Twist.  A facial that cleanses and purifies your skin while simultaneously clearing your energy. The facial includes an ultrasonic deep cleanse, a relaxing facial massage, an activation of your energy body; a cooling algae peel-off mask which melts away stress, reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin, all the while harmonizing your body, mind, and soul and grounding your energy.

Customized Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a process and it requires your participation.  This approach into healing addresses the spiritual, emotional, and physical level by creating custom herbal formulas to address each of these needs.  This session includes a one on one consultation and then the creation of an Herbal Tincture to support your healing and transformation.

Meet the Practitioners for details and scheduling
Intuitive Readings

An intuitive reading is an experience that offers clarity and insight. During a reading the reader will tap into the energy around you, and spirits or guides that present themselves to help you reach your fullest potential. Wisdom that lies within you is accessed revealing blockages, patterns and potentials for given situations. This intimate experience brings a higher vibratory energy to any situation allowing a shift in awareness and creating the opportunity for healing.

Energetic Herbal Medicine

Individual health consultations to create a customized herbal formula to support harmony within the mind, body, spirit, and heart.  Herbal medicine is a process of healing with the wisdom of plants and the inner wisdom of your being


Vinyasa Flow
A physical and energetic practice of moving through a series of asānas (poses) with intention and pranayama (breath work) to realign the mind, body, and spirit. Focus on flexibility, muscle building, and nervous system resetting.

Gentle Yoga (Restorative)
Slower paced yoga focused on calming the mind through gentle stretching and relaxing of the muscles. Ending with a guided meditation, sound bath and/or brief reiki and, of course, savasāna.

Buti Yoga
BUTI yoga is an energizing yoga practice that incorporates cardio, primal movement, and deep core conditioning all to the tune of upbeat music. This class is best suited for students who have a basic understanding of yoga poses. 

Yin Yang
A blend of passively holding Yin poses that work deep connective tissue and actively engaging in Yang poses that strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and promote blood flow. This practice aims to balance the masculine and feminine within us all.

The intention behind this class, is to increase strength and mobility while easing tight muscles and joints.  This class is built for all body types and ability.  If one feels like they are not flexible enough for yoga or are new to the practice this is a class for you!

Shamanic Yoga Flow
Indulge in self-love with mindful movement to loosen tension and stress from your body in this ashtanga-inspired flow. Whether you're new to yoga or a pro, this class will help you recenter, release and find peace. 

Meet the Practitioners for details and scheduling
Sound Healing Sessions

In one-on-one Sound Healing Sessions, a variety of instruments with specific vibrations are utilized to bring your body back into balance. Tuning forks, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums and chimes realign the energy centers, or chakras, of your body. Sound healing is beneficial for both physical ailments and emotional stress.

Reiki Healing Session

Reiki is one of the oldest forms of healing that connects your body with the natural life force energy that's found in all of nature. Essentially, Reiki taps into your body's natural healing ability and flips the ON switch. It balances energy in a way that promotes well-being and health – it's a true mind/body/soul balancer.

Intuitive Energetic Healing Session

If you're not sure which modality is the right fit for you, whatever is on your mind and in your energetic field the day of your session can lead the process in an Intuitive Energetic Healing Session. In these sessions you can experience a flavor of Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing and Reiki - each of which will assist on your healing journey

Medicinal Breathwork Session

Custom designed intuitive and therapeutic mind alchemy and guided breathwork meditation. 

Massage Therapy

Whether needing specific areas targeted or deep relaxation, this customized massage supports the physical body in overall wellness with traditional Swedish, deep tissue and relaxation techniques.  We will design the perfect routine to fit your needs.

Meet the Practitioners for details and scheduling
Herbal Tea Ceremony & Sound Bath

This class offers an herbal tea ceremony integrated into sound bath. A harmonious blend of silence and sound to cultivate deep listening, connection, and relaxation. This class is limited to 15 people. Please be mindful of any allergies or sensitivities as this class serves a variety of herbal teas.


Download this free breathwork meditation

Strengthen and Fortify your energy field using breathwork and visualization


Student Practitioner Sessions

As part of the training each student needs to complete twelve training sessions per quarter, and this year we are adding a new element here at Shamanic Twist Wellness Center. I’m thrilled to announce we are now offering a professional space where the students can begin to hone their craft in the Energy Healing field. Practitioner Students will now have the ability to conduct sessions lined up for them at the Wellness Center with Shamanic Teachers on hand for consultation.

We are happy to offer these Shamanic Energy Healing services to our community at the reduced cost of $45, so if you, or someone you know, is curious about Shamanic Energy Healing and hasn’t been able to check it out due to time or cost, you can now book with one of the students at the Shamanic Twist Wellness Center.

2021 Students of the Professional Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner Training Program
90 Minutes - $45

To schedule, contact The Shamanic Twist Wellness Center at 435-659-5728, or [email protected]

Learn More About Being Trained as a Practitioner


Along with the creation of the Wellness Center, we had great fun creating products and kits for our new store, Shop Soulful. We offer items that are supportive for clients, students, and anybody looking for soulful products to assist in and on their journey.


Despacho Ceremony or Prayer Offering Kits

Bath Ritual Kits

House/Space Clearing Kits

Home Harmonizing Kits

We also offer several curated items from various artisans, including candles, room sprays, leather wrap bracelets, and herbal tinctures to support ones’ journey. In addition to our handcrafted items, there are crystals, stones, smudging kits, bells, chimes and much more.

Online Store Coming Soon!!

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