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Shamanism with Dannielle Bryan

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The Medicine Wheel with Dannielle Bryan

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Energetic Anatomy with  Dannielle Bryan

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Recorded for German Radio Show

Interview done in English (Part 1)
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Recorded for German Radio Show

Interview done in English (Part 2)
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Wines & Wonders Podcast

Are you looking for some hope and inspiration for your day? Co-hosts Kirsten Fox, executive sommelier, and Dannielle Bryan, shamanic healer, and their guests share powerful, true, inspiring stories, which Kirsten then pairs to a wine. Filling your life with hope and your glass with wine.

The Medicine Wheel as a Spiritual Path paired with a Rhône White Blend

Release Date: 6/16/20201


In this episode, Dannielle walks us through her year-long medicine wheel program. She outlines each direction (south, west, north and east) and the exercises and practices we can use as we learn to navigate life in a different way. Kirsten pairs this journey with Carol Shelton's Coquille Blanc, a white blend of Rhône grapes, out of Paso Robles, which has four grapes to pair with the four directions on the medicine wheel path.

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Energy Anatomy 101 paired to Biodynamic Wines

Release Date: 5/25/2021


In this show Kirsten and Dannielle discuss our Energy Anatomy, what it is and why it matters.  Using computers as an analogy, Dannielle and Kirsten go over different ways we can we can maintain our energy bodies, how it helps and simple tips for a daily practice.

Kirsten pairs this topic to the Rhone region of France, known for their biodynamic farming style.

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Nature's Healing Ability Paired to Pet Nat Wines

Release Date: 5/1/2021


Dannielle begins this episode with an explanation about how being in nature has a calming, healing and restorative effect on our overall well being. Kirsten mentions studies that back this up. They also discuss how even nature photos and faux plants can produce the same effect as being in nature.

Kirsten pairs a 2,000-year-old wine making method that is seeing a resurgence of popularity called pétillant naturel wines to the fun discussion of how getting outside helps us all. 

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Fire Ceremonies Paired to a Napa Valley Pinot

Release Date: 4/8/2021


In this episode, Kirsten and Dannielle discuss the tradition of fire ceremonies, what they are and how to create one.  When would you use a fire ceremony? Why would you use a fire ceremony? And what are we actually doing at a fire ceremony?

Having used fire ceremonies personally for letting go, Kirsten pairs the U.S. government's letting go of alcohol regulations to a boutique Napa Pinot Noir.  

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Shamanism Paired to a Vinho Verde

Release Date: 3/9/2021


Kirsten interviews Dannielle about shamanism as a practice in modern society. What is shamanism? Who are shamans? Can anybody become a shaman? They discuss where it came from over the thousands of years it has been practiced, and how shamanism can fit into our lives today.

Then Kirsten tells the story of Vinho Verde from Portugal, a wine that is perfect for a spring or summer cocktail hour. 

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Belief Systems Paired to the Wine You Can't Stop Buyer

Release Date: 2/22/2021


In this episode, Dannielle and Kirsten talk through what repeating patterns are in our lives, why we get stuck in them and how we can break free. Discover questions to ask yourself to help you figure out what may be underneath your decisions to repeat behavior you don't actually like. 

Kirsten pairs this discussion with walking into the liquor store and always buying the same two or three wines. How can you figure out a new wine to buy that you will probably like? It's not difficult and will expose you to amazing new wines! 

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Mon's Wishes paird to Hook & Ladder Petite Sirah

Release Date: 1/11/2021

In this episode, Kirsten and Dannielle discuss the final week of Sandy's life, as her body fails. They discuss what is both happening to Sandy and to the family around her, and what dynamics are changing.

They share the books that they both feel are helpful for both the family and the dying person to hear. Kirsten shares a funny story about her mom and the firefighters who came to the house to help carry her to the living room.

Then, Kirsten pairs the episode with a Hook & Ladder Petite Sirah from the Russian River Valley in California. Discover both the history of the winery and why Petite Sirah is anything but meek and small.

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Planning Adds Peace paired to a German Pinot Noir

Release Date: 12/16/2020

In this episode Kirsten and Dannielle discuss when we have a plan for the death process of a loved one - we get more quality time together. We get to hear from Kirsten's sister as she shares stories of helping their mom move into her new assisted living home.

Dannielle discusses and highlights how staying ahead of the emergencies absolutely opens the space for a more meaningful connection with our loved ones as they move into this next phase of life.

Kirsten pairs a wine from a country that is getting ahead of the end as they shift up their vines due to the changing weather and climate patterns of the growing region.

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The Fear of Losing Independence paired with a South African Pinotage

Release Date: 12/2/2020


In this episode, Kirsten and Dannielle delve into discussion and statistics that highlight the difficulty the elderly and their loved ones have with admitting it is time to move an elderly person into less risky environments. Dannielle provides suggestions for exercises to help a child begin to care for a parent.

Then, Kirsten pairs their discussion to a unique wine found in South Africa called Pinotage, a wine she pairs with any BBQ on her plate.

Join us for another episode in our Ahead of the End season.

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The Right to Die Paired to a French Chablis

Release Date: 11/3/2020


Join Dannielle and Kirsten as they discuss a hot topic in current history as US states and other countries debate how or if someone can be involved in the timing of their end of life. They highlight many of the laws that currently govern this choice. 

Then, Kirsten pairs the episode to a French Chablis, honoring her mom's favorite grape.

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Hearing How Your Life Will End paired with the Aging of Red Wine

Release Date: 10/27/2020


Join Dannielle and Kirsten for the first show of Season 4, which offers discussion on what we go through as we approach our end of life here on earth. The discussion begins with Kirsten's mom being diagnosed with early onset dementia. What were some of her mom's immediate reactions? How did Kirsten deal with hearing this as her mom's healthcare agent? Dannielle explains what happens to us when we hear news of our upcoming end of life.

Kirsten pairs this unexpected situation with the aging of red wine. Discover why reds evolve in an unusual way.

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Bending of Time paired to a Chilean Carmenere

Release Date: 9/23/2020


Kirsten and Dannielle have their final discussion of time to wrap up Season 3 and this time it's a doozy. They focus on a study done in 2000 where prayer was used to retroactively heal patients four to 10 years before. Dannielle explains the concept of time happening at the same instance, therefore we are able to affect the outcomes in the past. Kirsten takes the subject and pairs the discussion to a Chilean Carmenere, a grape that until the 1990's was thought to be something else. Join them to fill your life with hope and your glass with wine!

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The Ho'oponopono Prayer paired to the Prisoner Red Blend

Release Date: 9/16/2020


Join Dannielle Bryan, of Shamanic Twist, and Kirsten Fox as they explore a famous study of Dr. Hew Len and his praying over each case folder of a group of criminally insane people which cured them of their insanity. The prayer he used is an ancient Hawaiian one called Ho'oponopono and the four elements of the prayer are covered. Kirsten pairs The Prisoner Red Blend from Napa as the wine to go with the episode.

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Slowing of Time in Emergencies paired to a White Zinfandel

Release Date: 8/26/2020


Join Dannielle Bryan, Shamanic Twist and Kirsten Fox as they explore what happens during emergencies when almost universally, people say they felt that time was slowing down. Kirsten will highlight some research that tries to explain the phenomenon, studies that are interesting to consider when in fact, researchers can't actually endanger subjects lives. Dannielle comes up with a new twist on how we all may be able to have more "super hero" moments in our regular lives. 

Kirsten then talks about the origins of a wine that few wine enthusiasts talk about: White Zinfandel. Where did the sweet wine come from, what does it taste like and what kind of foods will go perfectly with the most popular wine in the United States?

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Does Your Past Predict Your Future paired to an Austrian Grüner Veltiner 

Release Date: 8/22/2020


In this episode, Kirsten and Dannielle delve into discussion and statistics that highlight the difficulty the elderly and their loved ones have with admitting it is time to move an elderly person into less risky environments. Dannielle provides suggestions for exercises to help a child begin to care for a parent.

Then, Kirsten pairs their discussion to a unique wine found in South Africa called Pinotage, a wine she pairs with any BBQ on her plate.

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Time Perception in Flow paired with a California sparkler

Release Date: 7/30/2020


Our host, Kirsten Fox, and Dannielle Bryan, of Shamanic Twist discuss studies and methods of accessing flow, where time seems to be irrelevant during intense concentration. Discover a tool that Dannielle overviews to help you get into flow purposefully rather than accidentally. Kirsten pairs a California sparkling wine to the discussion, explaining the wine's connection to time as it is created.

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One Change with Kathleen Barlow paired to a Vasse Felix

Release Date: 5/8/2020


Discover how a certified financial planner, Kathleen Barlow, helps her clients make one change to their lives that can have a lasting positive impact on their financial stories. Kirsten explains how the exercise helped her switch her thinking, which in turn helped Kirsten to dramatically increase her wealth potential. After the financial discussion, Kirsten pairs this episode to an Australian Chardonnay from the West Coast wine area called Margaret River. Learn how a wine lover changed One Thing that made the area perfect to grow wine grapes.

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Toilet Paper and Money Paired to Hope Family Wines

Release Date: 4/13/2020


Money energy expert, Carolynn Bottino, author of The Land of Plenty: A soulpreneur's guide to finding joy, possibility and abundance through money empowerment, joins Kirsten to talk about how the Covid-19 situation may have affected your relationship with money. She provides useful tools to discover hope and growth about your money energy. Then, Kirsten pairs this episode to a family that produces wines, The Hope Family. She selects two of their wines, which happen to be two of Kirsten's favorite house wines, to entice you to try at your house.


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Staying in the Now with Katie Mullaly paired to a Biodynamic Wine

Release Date: 4/7/2020


Join Kirsten as she talks with Katie Mullaly, writer of the popular, "Land of Children's Books." As a 32-year resident of Park City, Utah, Katie  has worked as a ski instructor, mountain bike coach, gourmet food store manager, writer, graphic designer, geology assistant, public affairs official, and emergency manager. All of which have led her to her dream job – making a difference in the lives of not just children, but for all those who read her books.

Kirsten and Katie do a deep dive into the Land of Now, a place where you stop worrying about the past or the future and focus on enjoying your current world. 

Then Kirsten pairs the land of Now to a biodynamic wine made by the Benziger Family in California.

Learn more about Katie, her amazing illustrator Toby Allen, and their books, at

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How Music and Sound Can Change Your Mood paired to a Zac Brown Wine

Release Date: 3/24/2020

Join Kirsten Fox, executive sommelier, as she talks again with Dannielle Bryan, a shaman,, this time about how sound and music can alter our state of being. Dannielle shares some of her best resources for finding sounds to heal and uplift us, like and and even simply searching YouTube for "432 hertz." Then Kirsten highlights musicians who own or are involved in wineries. Finally, Kirsten pairs the discussion of sounds to a series of wines called, Uncaged, curtesy of Zac Brown, lead of the  Join these ladies as they talk sound, music and wine, some of the most healing topics on earth.

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Coronavirus paired with a Chilean Cabernet

Release Date: 3/12/2020


Are you wondering how you can minimize your fears around the Coronavirus outbreak? What are some simple ways to gain some perspective as the world focuses on the situation? When you see things on TV or read things online or in the papers, how do you take in the information and yet not worry 24/7 about the whole thing? 

Kirsten Fox interviews Dannielle Bryan, of Shaminic, who presents a few ways to help yourself be calmer and more present as we are faced each day with increasing numbers of coronavirus victims. If you remember the saying from elementary school about fire, “Stop, drop and roll,” you’re already on your way to discovering new tools for yourself. 

After Dannielle gives you great information to help you be as peaceful as possible when bad news is swirling around you, Kirsten shares about an epidemic in the mid-1800’s that almost wiped out the world’s vineyards. She explains how they were saved and highlights an area of the world that the epidemic never reached: Chile. You will hear about an awesome wine from Chile, Marques de Casa Concha Cabernet Sauvignon, that she pairs to the Coronavirus. And listen for how a $20 bottle can drink like an $80 Napa Cab! 

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Change Your Story paired with a Tempranillo

Release Date: 2/27/2020


(Taped before the Covid19 virus hit the U.S.)

Join Kirsten as she launches a new business. She doesn't see the volume of orders that she projected, even after being written up in Forbes magazine. When asked about how the new project is going, her story is the truth, but is heavy. 

Once she realizes that she is personally affecting how the company is perceived by way of her words, she changes how she speaks to people about it, moving into a more uplifting interpretation. Things start changing for the better.

She then pairs the change to a Spanish Tempranillo. Tempranillo is a grape that can thrive in hot regions, and all of the world's vineyards are facing climate change. Discover how smart wineries are adapting and learn more about a grape we'll be seeing more often.

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Angels on Earth paired with a Prosecco

Release Date: 2/15/2020

Kirsten's mom, Sandy, who has early onset dementia, heads to Utah to live at Kirsten's house. As Sandy begins her decline to death, Kirsten's sisters come to say their farewells. A kind neighbor offers to play the harp while the family sits near. 

While sitting in the room listening to the music, it appears that Kirsten's bed-bound mom is at a cocktail party with angels, laughing and appearing to shake hands with people above her bed. Sandy can no longer speak full words, but her inflections and intonations sound like she's happy. Suddenly Sandy, turns to look at one of Kirsten's sisters, and she asks an important question, in perfect English. 

Kirsten pairs this story with a fabulous Prosecco from Italy. Tune in to hear why this white, bubbly wine is the perfect one for the miraculous question.

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The Benefits of Failure paired with a Champagne

Release Date: 1/27/2020

Kirsten starts a new company and is immediately in a competition with another wine education company for a large client. She has put lots of money into the new company and needs this client. 

She doesn't get the client and has to find a job to earn money for her family. Lots has to change, including her doctor when she gets a job that offers new health insurance. She shares how the failure to win the client saves her life.

Her pairing with this is a Champagne from one of the most famous Champagne houses in France. And she clarifies that she hasn't chosen Champagne for the bubbles to celebrate her life being saved... it is a choice based on some French monks failures to compete with their brethren in a different French region.

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Support from a Higher Power paired with a So. Rhône GSM

Release Date: 1/21/2020

At a time when she felt extremely alone, Kirsten's friend, Dannielle, is turning 40. Kirsten offers to help with the party and is asked to bring red, purple and gold flowers for centerpieces. On a budget, she heads to the grocery store to see what she can find. 

There are only red carnations, no other colors to match the theme. Discover what happens as Kirsten is shown support from the universe. She is shown that she is being held, that she is not alone.

She pairs a Southern Rhône red blend to this story. This red blend is one of the most food friendly wines you can pair with almost anything on your table. What do the flowers and the wine have in common? 

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Attracting Money paired with an Oregon Rosé

Release Date: 1/21/2020

During the first couple weeks of her divorce, Kirsten tries to understand more about manifesting what she needs, specifically more money to pay her bills alone now. She listens to John Assaraf, Abraham Hicks, and reads Dave Ramsey books. She discovers a saying that she begins reciting to herself regularly. Money starts coming to her, money that was always there, but she couldn't see. 

Her pairing for the story this week is with an Oregon Rosé of Pinot Noir. Discover the phrase that brought money into Kirsten's life along with why Rosé is a perfect pairing for her financial upturn.

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Whisper of Hope paired with a Napa Cabernet

Release Date: 1/21/2020

Do you feel like sometimes the world is moving so quickly that you'll never have enough time to make an impact? Our first show is about Kirsten attending an "inner-work, woo-woo" kind of seminar. As she does a guided meditation at the end of the event, she receives a surprising, hopeful message about time. She'll pair the unexpected whisper, the uplifting message, with a wine that needs to age. How do you know when a wine will age well? How long do some wines improve as they age in the bottle? Listen in to discover the message we can all take hope from along with a fabulous wine that will stand the test of time in your cellar.

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