Dannielle Bryan

A skilled teacher and Master practitioner of Energy Medicine, Dannielle has integrated the principles of Shamanism into her professional and personal life as a study, a spiritual practice, and a lived experience for over 20 years. 

Specializing in individual client sessions, workshops, retreats, and ceremony, Dannielle is a master at bringing the spiritual and energetic realm into relatable, tangible practices that are useful and transformational in everyday life.  She brings her signature humor and warmth to her practice, her parenting and her community. The lessons, insights, and wisdom she has cultivated is what she lovingly and happily shares with the world. 

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Marissa Zelenak

Marissa Zelenak's began her spiritual journey of self-discovery back in 2017.  This led her to the study of this shamanic path rooted in Andean traditions. In the years that have elapsed, she continues to spend her time cultivating tools and practices to engage life through the teachings of living in an animated world.

With almost a decade of experience in massage therapy as well as being a practitioner of shamanic energy healing since 2019, Marissa offers a unique combination of healing modalities to her client practice.

Marissa also teaches a year-long personal transformative journey called Medicine Wheel guiding individuals through their own self-discovery of healing and coming into right relationship with themselves and the world.

Throughout the year, Marissa enjoys engaging in her community through offering guided breathwork meditations and shamanic journeys as well as holding ceremony and offering other self-discovery classes. Marissa finds it a great honor to be able to hold space for others and be of service as we navigate life from a soul’s journey.

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Becky Adams

Becky is a Shamanic Practitioner who helps move energy and promotes healing to those who are truly ready to make big shifts in life.   

Before her Shamanic journey, Becky started and ran a successful photography business in Utah.  After being diagnosed and surviving terminal cancer she realized it was time to restructure her business so she could dedicate her life to deep study of spiritual healing. She has training in several areas- shamanism, yoga, reiki, intuitive coaching and sound healing. 

Becky’s personal shamanic healing started when she met Dannielle and completed the medicine wheel as well as her certification training to become a practicing Shaman. 

Becky’s greatest passion is empowering others to bring shamanic healing into their own lives, which she does both through private sessions, small group events and retreats. 

When she’s not holding space for clients, you can find Becky spending time with her 7 children, working on her land in Wanship,  hanging out with her friends, or listening to a favorite book. 

Becky’s Services:

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Bridget Bower

Bridget has been immersed in the wellness industry since 2008. From massage to leadership development and yoga to energy work, the constant thread connecting all of Bridget’s extensive experience is personal transformation. Her passion for learning has translated into a career that enables her to share her knowledge with clients and colleagues. The diverse set of tools and healing modalities Bridget has garnered from around the world brings a unique style to the sessions she offers her clients.

The latest learning path is becoming a Shamanic Practitioner and weaving energy work into her expansive skillset to support clients in releasing what no longer serves them.

Traveling, music, nature, learning and the love for her friends, family and community inspire her to invest her time in what matters most and sharing that with others.

Bridget's Services

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Abbi Burnham

Abbi has a deep passion to be of service to the community. In 2017 her travels in Nepal inspired a transition into a way of life that would be in alignment with her souls purpose. Her services to the community bring a variety of practices for others to deepen their personal relationship with their mind, body, spirit, and soul.

Abbi recently became a Shamanic Energy Practitioner and continues her journey on the Medicine Wheel. Finding her passion in this path, she is excited and honored to offer shamanic healing sessions at the wellness center. Abbi is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Sound Healing Practitioner providing weekly restorative flow, yoga stretch, and sound bath classes.

Growing up in the Heber Valley, Abbi developed a deep love for the mountains and rivers. She loves sharing moments around a fire under the stars with friends and family. She enjoys living life fully with her four children and husband, sunshine on the patio, hot cup of coffee, live music, and dancing in the kitchen as long as she’s not cooking dinner.

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Hayli Ann Burnham

My name is Hayli Ann Burnham, I am an energetic herbalist and medicine maker.

I was born and raised in the Wasatch and I still call the mountains home. I hold great reverence for this land and all beings of life.  I come from European descent, whose clan of ancestors are rooted in caregiving.  I am grateful for my teachers and my ancestors who have guided my personal journey into the wisdom of plants. 

As an herbalist I work to connect you to the medicine of plants to facilitate change.

Herbal medicine is a process and it requires your participation.  I approach healing on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level by creating custom herbal formulas to address each of these needs.  I see myself as a gatekeeper to the healing language of plants who translates energy into harmony. 

SunWise Apothecary is heart-open to serve the world and I am here to be of service to you.  My herbal medicines are sourced from only organically grown herbal medicine gardens of the West.  I do not practice wildcrafting as I believe in protection over possession.  If you feel called to work with herbal medicine or have any questions or curiosities I would love to connect with you.  May you walk in beauty and may love guide your way. 

Aho. Amen.  

Hayli's Services

It is my intention for herbal medicine to be an accessible form of care.  My heart is open to creating a payment plan or energetic exchange if you have a financial barrier.

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Rachel Smoot

Rachel has practiced yoga for 10 years and received her RYT 200 in the magical jungles of Costa Rica through SYI. She grew there in many ways by learning and training in healing modalities including the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, Yoga Nidia, Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremonies and more! She is an intuitive energy worker & Holy Fire Reiki III practitioner and loves to tie in a variety of healing methods to her classes and offerings.

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Heather Jean Deford, MPT

Heather Jean has been a physical therapist for 22 years, specializing in the pelvic floor since 2005.  She has effectively helped women reverse symptoms of leaking, prolapse, and constipation; restore sexual functioning and functions after child delivery; promote fertility, and reduce PMS or menopause symptoms.   And while she continues to be dedicated to helping women overcome pain or dysfunction, she also wants to educate and teach self-care strategies to prevent such symptoms. By using ancient practices that ritualize transitions and empowering women with modern science-based exercises, Heather Jean believes that women (and men) will feel more balanced and true to their nature. 


 Heather Jean's Services

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Aimee Traeden

Aimee Traeden is a Multiskilled Healing Arts Practitioner who combines her innate abilities as a Seer with over 10 years of experience with Sound, Shamanism, and Energy Medicine to help you remember your magic and reclaim your power and wisdom from within.

Since early childhood, Aimee encountered many paranormal experiences, prompting her to embark on a quest for knowledge and understanding about the hidden realms beyond our ordinary perception. This journey led her to explore, question, study, and experience diverse modalities and traditions. Eventually her journey spiraled back to a profound realization that allowed her to merge the ancient wisdom of her Scandinavian and Celtic ancestry, stepping away from relying solely on others' sacred fires and igniting her own spark of insight.  

Aimee possesses a natural gift for helping you rediscover and embrace the beautiful truth of your being. Drawing upon ancient traditions and spiritual practices, she utilizes her own unique, powerful, playful approach to healing. Guiding you on your path, she facilitates the connection with your inner wisdom through authenticity and levity.
She specializes in assisting you in shedding the layers of density that have held you back from fully embracing your personal power. She is committed to providing you with a safe space to feel seen, heard, and genuinely cared for as you navigate this human journey.

Aimee is a master at delving into the depths of the shadows, fearlessly exploring past lives to uncover the root cause of issues.  By addressing these origins, she initiates a ripple effect of healing that transcends time, space, and dimensions. With her guidance, you can establish a connection with your own spirit guides, as well as your benevolent ancestors and your authentic, unwounded sacred self.

Aimee’s Services:

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Nancy Scheibe

Nancy Scheibe is a skilled healer and guide with the ability to be a clear channel. She is an intuitive medium who seeks practical information for the current issues her clients are dealing with. Nancy is a teacher and sound healing practitioner, artist and medicine woman for whom spiritual practice is part of daily life. She has shared her gifts of seeing beyond the image life presents and helping people find their path to healing their wounds for over 40 years. Life experiences brought her to step into her role as a medicine woman and shaped her into a wise compassionate elder with the ability to bring humor to her sessions and a lived knowing to her clients allowing for realignment and healing.  
“It is my intention my clients walk away with a deeper understanding of the issues they bring to me and action steps to empower them to heal the situation.”

Nancy’s Services:

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Student Practitioner

One of the courses offered by Shamanic Twist is a professional training track, where students are trained in the mastery of Shamanic Energy Medicine. As part of the training each student needs to complete twelve training sessions per quarter, and this year we are adding a new element here at Shamanic Twist Wellness Center. We are thrilled to announce we are now offering a professional space where the students can begin to hone their craft in the Energy Healing field. Here at Shamanic Twist, we recognize a lot goes into stepping into the healing space as a practitioner, and our intention is to provide our students with a solid foundation. Practitioner Students will now have the ability to conduct sessions lined up for them at the Wellness Center with Shamanic Teachers on hand for consultation.

We are happy to offer these Shamanic Energy Healing services to our community at the reduced cost of $45, so if you, or someone you know, is curious about Shamanic Energy Healing and hasn’t been able to check it out due to time or cost, you can now book with one of the students at the Shamanic Twist Wellness Center.


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