Dannielle Bryan

A skilled teacher and Master practitioner of Energy Medicine, Dannielle has integrated the principles of Shamanism into her professional and personal life as a study, a spiritual practice, and a lived experience for over 20 years. 

Specializing in individual client sessions, workshops, retreats, and ceremony, Dannielle is a master at bringing the spiritual and energetic realm into relatable, tangible practices that are useful and transformational in everyday life.  She brings her signature humor and warmth to her practice, her parenting and her community. The lessons, insights, and wisdom she has cultivated is what she lovingly and happily shares with the world. 

Dannielle's Services:

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For more information or to schedule a consultation contact Dannielle directly at (435) 640-8939 or [email protected]

Marissa Zelenak

Marissa Zelenak is based out of Park City, UT.  She began her personal journey 10 years ago which has led her to cultivating a deep spiritual connection and training in several alternative therapeutic modalities.  She met Dannielle Bryan in 2017 and began her deep study of the shamanic path, discovering this is what she had been seeking.  Marissa’s training has taken her through the Medicine Wheel Program four times in the last five years, as well as a year-long training and apprenticeship in becoming a practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine. These years of deepening her medicine now gives her the great honor to hold space and guide others on their unique path of inner transformation and healing.

Marissa’s Services:

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Rabecca Adams

Rabecca is a Shamanic Practitioner who helps move energy and promotes healing to those who are truly ready to make big shifts in life.   

Before her Shamanic journey, Rabecca started and ran a successful photography business in Utah.  After being diagnosed and surviving terminal cancer she realized it was time to restructure her business so she could dedicate her life to deep study of spiritual healing. She has training in several areas- shamanism, yoga, reiki, intuitive coaching and sound healing. 

Rabecca’s personal shamanic healing started when she met Dannielle and completed the medicine wheel as well as her certification training to become a practicing Shaman. 

Rabecca’s greatest passion is empowering others to bring shamanic healing into their own lives, which she does both through private sessions, small group events and retreats. 

When she’s not holding space for clients, you can find Rabecca spending time with her 7 children, working on her land in Wanship,  hanging out with her friends, or listening to a favorite book. 

Rabecca’s Services:

For information or to schedule a session you can access her calendar HERE or you contact Rebecca at (801) 647-2150, [email protected]

Nancy Scheibe

Nancy Scheibe is a skilled healer and guide with the ability to be a clear channel. She is an intuitive medium, teacher and sound healing practitioner, artist and medicine woman for whom spiritual practice is part of daily life. She has been sharing her gifts of seeing beyond the image life presents and helping people find their path to healing their wounds for over 40 years. Her life experiences brought her to step into her role as a medicine woman and shaped her into a wise compassionate elder with the ability to bring humor to her sessions and a lived knowing to bring clients into realignment and healing. 

Nancy’s Services:

For more details or to set up an appointment contact Nancy at (218) 235-8124 or [email protected]

Hayli Ann Burnham

My name is Hayli Ann Burnham, I am an energetic herbalist and medicine maker.

I was born and raised in the Wasatch and I still call the mountains home. I hold great reverence for this land and all beings of life.  I come from European descent, whose clan of ancestors are rooted in caregiving.  I am grateful for my teachers and my ancestors who have guided my personal journey into the wisdom of plants. 

As an herbalist I work to connect you to the medicine of plants to facilitate change.

Herbal medicine is a process and it requires your participation.  I approach healing on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level by creating custom herbal formulas to address each of these needs.  I see myself as a gatekeeper to the healing language of plants who translates energy into harmony. 

SunWise Apothecary is heart-open to serve the world and I am here to be of service to you.  My herbal medicines are sourced from only organically grown herbal medicine gardens of the West.  I do not practice wildcrafting as I believe in protection over possession.  If you feel called to work with herbal medicine or have any questions or curiosities I would love to connect with you.  May you walk in beauty and may love guide your way. 

Aho. Amen.  

Hayli's Services

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Hayli directly through email at  [email protected] or at (435) 671-8802. 

It is my intention for herbal medicine to be an accessible form of care.  My heart is open to creating a payment plan or energetic exchange if you have a financial barrier.

Joie Astudillo

I’m an Argentinian that moved to the mountains because of my passion for snowboarding. I live at 8,000ft with my husband and two dogs.

I started my journey into yoga over 18 years ago. That opened the door to dive deep into a self-healing path. That path grew into my passion. I’ve been a Certified Yoga Teacher since 2010 and have completed my three Reiki levels certification training. I received my Yoga Therapy Certification and in January 202, and have begun my Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification. Through the years I have felt a strong call towards supporting and helping women and in August of 2020 I became a DONA - trained Doula and a Prenatal Yoga Teacher. Birth is a powerful transition for women, and I feel it’s a power that has been forgotten by society and by most women.

I believe in supporting one another, encouraging each other, and reminding us all of us that this journey of life is something that can be sacred and beautiful.

Joie's Services

Classes held Wednesday nights 6:00pm located in the wellness center at 228 W 200 S Kamas UT

Audrey O'Brien

Audrey O'Brien builds therapeutic mind alchemy meditation practices on a breathwork infrastructure. These breathwork heavy meditative experiences address any and all human ailments in any and all bodies. She is seasoned in her practice and well versed in the anatomical science of oxygen in the body, breathwork practices, guided meditation techniques, plant medicine facilitation, energetic alchemy, and well studied in several fields of behavioral science. She works with individuals and groups both in-person and remotely, and also teaches public course and retreat work regularly. She lives in woodland UT with her lover of 23 years and is a mother to six humans and any and all who find respite in the womb that is her home.

Audrey's Services

Audrey is available for in-person space holding and services a few Wednesdays a month at the Shamanic Twist Wellness Center, please email her directly to schedule.  Remote work can be scheduled HERE.

Contact Audrey directly for group and retreat hire available course/class experiences found on thebreathingco.com 

Brooke Bishop

I’m Brooke Bishop, mama of two incredible boys, yogi, lover of all things creative, and have recently risen to crazy-cat-lady status with two Siamese kitties and one Ragdoll kitty. I’m an avid audio-booker and read about fifty books a year. I love music, anything outdoors and spending time with friends and family. I adore my home in Millcreek and especially love to catch the sunset from my rooftop deck.

You can find me at the Wellness Center every Wednesday. I use various forms of energetic modalities to help you heal from the inside out. I offer Shamanic Healing Sessions, Reiki, and One-On-One Sound Healing Sessions. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, we can do an Intuitive Energetic Healing Session where I will feel into your energy for what will serve you best that day. All of these sessions are offered virtually.

I’m also a certified yoga instructor and teach our Yoga Flow: HEAL class. I offer Sound Baths that I facilitate in three ways - on our class schedule, private events and corporate sound baths.

Brook's Services:

To schedule with me, please text (702) 466-4174 (preferred) or call. You can find me on Instagram @thebalance_babe, Facebook @brookethebalancebabe or send an email to [email protected].

Preferred methods of payment are Venmo or cash.

Rachel Smoot

Rachel has practiced yoga for 10 years and received her RYT 200 in the magical jungles of Costa Rica through SYI. She grew there in many ways by learning and training in healing modalities including the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, Yoga Nidia, Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremonies and more! She is an intuitive energy worker & Holy Fire Reiki III practitioner and loves to tie in a variety of healing methods to her classes and offerings.

Rachel's Services:

Jenn Hammerschmid

Intuitive Energy Practitioner Master Esthetician

15 years in the beauty industry teaching people how to cultivate beauty on the outside, taught me how vital it is to look within for what we are seeking. Studying Reiki and Crystals in conjunction with skincare was the beginning of my journey. Since then I have been building a deep relationship with the elements and land we walk upon, studying the Shamanic path. I have learned to embrace and integrate the shadow aspects of my life by clearing both the bound and wound energy and limiting beliefs of the past. My perspective has shifted dramatically, rooting deeper and connecting with the wisdom within. I have cultivated my own gifts, rituals, and practices and wish to share these with you by holding space for your transformation both inside and out.

I am also the creator at Earth Creations by Jenn. Each Earth Creation is intuitively crafted with my hands, and infused with the Elements, sacred chants and my Heart and Soul to cleanse and clear your path and support you on your Journey.

Jenn's Services

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Jenn directly phone or text to Schedule:  (801) 949-8083

Last Saturday and Sunday of every month.  Appointments from 10am - 4pm

Amanda Dolle

Amanda got licensed for massage therapy in 2012 after a lifetime of loving massage and how it made her feel. She firmly believes that taking care of your mind and spirit is just as important as taking care of your body,  because they work together as one. She is trained in many massage modalities from hot stone, cupping, lymphatic, prenatal, crystal energy work, cranial sacral etc. and offers a variety of techniques in her massage depending on what your body is needing. She also includes guided meditations and energy work in her massages per request and offers guided meditation hikes to rejuvenate your mind,  body and soul. Though there are a lot to choose from and ways to customize your massage, she mainly specializes in Lomi Lomi massage, which is a very relaxing, spiritual and healing modality originating from Hawaii. 

Amanda's Services

For more information or to schedule with Amanda you can reach her directly at (801) 462-6593 or [email protected]gmail.com

One of the courses I offer is a professional training track, where I train people in the mastery of Shamanic Energy Medicine. As part of the training each student needs to complete twelve training sessions per quarter, and this year we are adding a new element here at Shamanic Twist Wellness Center. I’m thrilled to announce we are now offering a professional space where the students can begin to hone their craft in the Energy Healing field. I recognize a lot goes into stepping into the healing space as a practitioner, and my intention is to provide our students with a solid foundation. Practitioner Students will now have the ability to conduct sessions lined up for them at the Wellness Center with Shamanic Teachers on hand for consultation.

We are happy to offer these Shamanic Energy Healing services to our community at the reduced cost of $45, so if you, or someone you know, is curious about Shamanic Energy Healing and hasn’t been able to check it out due to time or cost, you can now book with one of the students at the Shamanic Twist Wellness Center.

To schedule, contact us at 435-659-5728, or [email protected]