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For spiritual seekers who want a business that resonates deeply, creates lasting connection, and is sustainable.


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Connect to your soul's purpose and  live life with intention while helping others

Find great power and courage

Grow into your own spiritual practice

Help others heal and grow.

Make your work and your passion one 

Be the visionary of your life

Discover meaning and purpose

Is it time for you to embark on the shamanic path of energy healing? 

Are you being called?

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner Training 

A spiritual career path with heart

Take the leap into a new way of being and experiencing the world. Learn the skills
to guide others to step into their deep physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, where they can live the life their soul is craving.  

“My calling to be a shaman energy medicine practitioner has been a much deeper experience that has led me to fully integrate this path into my life.  My work as a teacher and practitioner, my personal practice, and how I engage life are all in alignment, creating a fulfilled rich life experience.”   ~Dannielle Bryan

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Your Journey to Becoming A Shamanic Practitioner


Shamanic Energy Medicine is based in the practices and principles of the Andean Shamanic path of South America, along with other energetic practices and principles.

Throughout the year we will meet for three times for our 3 levels of training. These training sessions will be taken in the same year that you are repeating your second year of Medicine Wheel and the four directions:  South, West, North, and East. You will deepen and integrate your understanding of the principles of healing learned in the Medicine Wheel, while acquiring the technical skill set required to work with clients.  

During the course of your two year journey you will learn: 

  • how to work more deeply with the physical, mental/emotional, spirit/soul, and energetic matrix, and facilitate healing with your client
  • how to safely and effectively assist your client in healing old wounds, patterns and creating profound shifts in their lives
  • Cultivate your unique style of healing that you will bring to your personal practice 

This is a 428 hour hands-on training that guides and empowers you to learn and apply the foundational work from our Medicine Wheel Transformational Program to a Shamanic Practitioner Practice. 

During Practitioner Training you will: 

  • Learn the principles, skills, and practices to work one-on-one with your clients to facilitate and assist them in their healing journey.  
  • Develop a deep trust in your intuitive abilities
  • Learn to see, feel, and sense the root cause of any pattern, issue, or trauma
  • Become able to effectively shift and heal the energy associated with that issue
  • Learn to journey on behalf of your client and bring healing to their unconscious, conscious, and super-conscious realms. 

You will also learn how to create your own healing practice as you guide your clients in coming into greater and greater harmony and healing. 

You can incorporate these skills into any current practice you may have: massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, psychology, counseling, life coach, esthetician, physical therapist, etc.

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How it Works

  • Complete your first year of the Medicine Wheel
  • Restart the Medicine Wheel for a second time.  Once you have taken the first direction of your second wheel, you are eligible to start Practitioner Training. For the Medicine Wheel class dates CLICK HERE
  • Complete a minimum of 12 practice sessions outside of class for each level
  • Complete 6 written case studies per level for review by teaching staff
  • Mentor phone call with teaching staff to review your case studies in between each level
  • Attend live follow up zoom call in between classes - dates TBD
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Ready to start a Two Year Transformation with Two Trips Around the Medicine Wheel & Practitioner Training?

 Want to start the two year program from scratch? 

Full Tuition is $10,043.00

Already done a Full Year of Medicine Wheel and want to become a practitioner?

Repeat Medicine Wheel + Practitioner Tuition is $7,143.00

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Click Here for 2024 Medicine Wheel Dates and Details 

Consider a career as a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner. 

Bridging the ancient practices of Shamanism with the modern everyday world, you will cultivate a highly tuned skill set that allows you to navigate your life with full awareness of your power and choice, while making an impact for others. 

Cultivate your own wisdom, build a sustainable practice and make the contribution you came to make. 

Trust in your own innate guidance as you live into the life your soul is craving.

Guide others to create a more expansive, fulfilled and happier life experience.

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