The Shamanic Healing Institute of Learning


Grow into your soul’s purpose.
Create a life dedicated to serving others. 


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Bringing the spiritual and energetic realms into tangible practices that create transformation in your clients’ everyday lives.

Powerful programs that create profound shifts

Provide your clients with a space to step into deep healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Sacred practices that are easy to integrate into your healing business 

Work with your clients at a soul level to become their own self-referencing guide in the journey of their soul’s growth.

Merging spirituality with our perceived reality

Bridging the gap to make it more mainstream and understandable, so it can be incorporated into daily life.

At the Shamanic Healing Institute, we believe that anything is possible - that anyone, and any situation, can change and come into alignment with our soul desires.

It’s all about clarity of intention.


Is it your destiny to become a shaman?


While Incan Shamanism is the centerpiece of our teachings, our curriculum brings in much more. It is a synthesis of everything we have learned and incorporated over the years.  We distill it down for you so that the big concepts are framed in a relatable & understandable context that you can effectively implement to guide your clients to profound shifts in their lives.


Create more of what you desire, as you guide your people to become the co-creators of their lives


Help your clients become clear on what’s important to them. They learn to trust that their highest self does know how to bring it in for them.


Bring their focus into alignment with their desires as they surrender to “what is” in order to create the space for the New to come in.


Once you clear away the limiting energies, you step into the space of “tracking” the way for your clients to engage a more expanded, harmonious, and connected life.

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About Dannielle… 


Dannielle Bryan is a skilled teacher and practitioner of Energy Medicine and has integrated the principles of Shamanism into her life as a study, a spiritual practice, and a lived experience for over 20 years.  She brings her signature humor and warmth to her practice, her parenting and her community. The lessons, insights, and wisdom she has cultivated is what she lovingly and happily shares with the world.  Her calling to be a shaman has been a much deeper experience that has led her to fully integrate this path into her life.  Her work as a teacher and practitioner, her personal practice, and how she engages life are all in alignment, creating a fulfilled rich life experience. 

"I am passionate about assisting people at all levels of their soul's journey, whether they are just beginning their self-discovery or they are looking for a deeper study and understanding. The Shamanic path connected all the dots for me. It taught me how to effectively work with my natural intuitive gifts and my desire to assist people in the wellbeing of their life. This path is my study, my spiritual practice, and my profession."    ~ Dannielle Bryan

About Marissa…


Marissa Zeleniak is a community leader, a teacher, and a mentor. She has a natural ability to connect with others authentically, and to be a bridge between spirituality and our perceived reality.  Her knowledge of quantum energy and how to guide light frequencies during sessions informs her ability to meet individuals where they are and guide them in the most effective ways for their learning. She empowers you to become your own shaman, your own guide. She leads by example, through trusting herself and connecting to her own intuitive abilities. 

“This path will continue to astound you as you allow yourself to embody the medicine more deeply. It will uncover aspects of yourself that you didn’t realize were possible and remind you that we truly live in magic. There is great power and courage in stepping into the self-discovery that only you can allow yourself to experience.”   ~Marissa Zeleniak

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