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Peru; A Journey with the Sacred

October 30th – November 6, 2021     Eight days / Seven nights

Experience the Authentic Spiritual and Cultural Wonders of Peru
Cusco ~ Sacred valley ~ Machu Picchu

Trip Highlights:

  • Hiking beneath magnificent Andean peaks in awe-inspiring Sacred Valley scenery.

  • Exploration of mysterious ancient cities and temples of Cusco and Machu Picchu.

  • Colorful, traditional Quechua, Incan descendants, in their mountain villages,
    an artist and photographer’s dream.

  • A professional and passionate local guide who teaches Andean spiritual traditions, culture, history and cosmology.

  • Participation in ancient Incan ceremonies with authentic practicing pakkos, Qero healers, who offer authentic coca leaf readings.

We warmly welcome you to join us for this luxury retreat into the Sacred Valley of Peru.  A land renowned for its mysticism, ancient traditions, and heart centered culture and traditions.  Visiting the Sacred Valley and spending time in this beautiful place, whether for the first time, or as a returning journeyer, is deeply nourishing on a soul level.

Our Stay at Willka T’ika – Retreat Center in the Sacred Valley

Willka T’ika is a unique holistic haven. It is an experience – the same experience the Inca valued: a pause within travels to
absorb the healing energies of Nature and reflect on an inner journey.  Within this Sacred space, Pachamama, Mother Earth, offers love, respect and appreciation for all living beings on the land.  She shares her love, healing and guidance with us.

Vibrant, pure energy is profoundly felt in the gardens, with our 1000-year-old Lucum tree growing above ceques, invisible energy lines connecting two of the most powerful and sacre mountains in Peru – Sallkantay and Ausangate.

The peace and serenity of the gardens draws guests into their own heart space, to access internal wisdom and awaken to innate Divinity.  Learn more about Willka T’ika at

What you will experience at Willka T'ika

  • Willka T’ika, the #1 luxury garden retreat center in the Sacred Valley—
    serene, sustainable and enchanting.
  • Renowned Seven Chakra Gardens—inspiration of the 3-time gold award-winning book “Chakra Gardens, Opening the Senses of the Soul.”
  • Vibrant, organic, vegetarian meals lovingly prepared by Willka T’ika chefs.
  • Two sun-filled garden studios for yoga, dance and large group gatherings
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October 30th – November 6,  2021

Urubamaba, Peru

Full price $2950
Non-refundable deposit – $750
other payment options available (contact Dannielle)

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