Holding the Light Within

A 21 Day Shamanic Meditation Practice


Dannielle Bryan


Rabecca Adams

as they lead you through a

21 Day Shamanic Meditation Practice

culminating on December 21st

The Solstice - The Return of the Light


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 An exploration of our Energetic Anatomy and The Chakra System - the 7 energy centers encompassing creation, connection, and inspiration.

Join us to experience and learn how to use our Energetic Anatomy and our Chakra System as a powerful transformation and creation tool! 

We will spend 3 days with each chakra exploring the unique energy that is held in each one.  

  • Learn how to work with these centers intentionally 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of our own make-up, patterns, and motivations
  • Our practice will culminate on winter Solstice, marking the beginning of winter and the returning of the light

 Using breathwork meditation we will:

  • Consciously clear out stagnant energy held our bodies both physically and energetically 
  • Work with clearing out old stories, patterns, and beliefs
  • Bring in new engagements and possibilities
  • Raise the frequency of our light bodies so we may become more available for manifestation and co-creation in our lives 

Sessions will be live daily from 8:00 - 9:00 AM (MST) on Zoom. The recorded videos will be located on the member page of our website; all sessions will be accessible within the hour.

You Can Expect:

✔  Discussion Of The Chakra We Are Working With

✔   Meditation

✔   Daily integration

Join us as we intentionally choose to take this time to cultivate
the Light Within!

Our Daily Practice is:

December 1st - 21st 

8:00 - 9:00 AM Mountain Time (MST)
**Note our first class will be a 90 minute class - all remaining will be one hour

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