Holding the Light Within

 A 21 Day Shamanic Meditation Practice


Dannielle Bryan


Marissa Zelenak

As they lead you through a 21 Day Shamanic Meditation Practice that culminates on Solstice - Return of the Light

Show Me The Light!

Solstice - Return of the Light

The Chakra System - a total of 7 energy centers encompassing creation, connection, and inspiration.


In this unplanned year we have all experienced the intense changes to our day to day lives. It may not seem as apparent to our naked eye, but we are also in a potent time of creation!

We have this incredible opportunity to actively participate in the manifestation of what is possible for ourselves, our community, and our world.

Come experience and learn how to use our Chakra System as a powerful creation tool! We will spend 3 days exploring each of these unique energy centers and prepare ourselves for the culmination of our practice on Solstice. 

Using breathwork meditation we will consciously clear out stagnant energy held in spaces like old stories, patterns, and beliefs. This will allow us to raise the frequency of our light bodies so we may become available for the manifestation of our lives. 

Our sessions will be live daily from 8:00 - 9:00 AM (MST) on Zoom. Located on the member page of our website, all sessions will be accessible within the hour.

You Can Expect:

✔  Discussion Of The Chakra We Are Working With

✔   Meditation

✔   Daily integration

Join us as we intentionally choose to take this time to cultivate
the Light Within!

Our Daily Practice is:

December 1st - 21st 

8:00 - 9:00 AM Mountain Time (MST)

Exchange - $67

Show Me The Light!